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At Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic we strive to provide the highest quality herbal products you can find in Fort Collins, with a focus on organic and local goods. We also pride ourselves in offering sound, fact-based, herbal and nutritional advice to our clients so that they know they will leave their consultation with a way to regain their health.


In times of old, an apothecary was where all people went for their medicine. They dispensed herbs in powders or extracts, and sometimes as syrups. Often the doctors of the time would send their patients in with a receipt, and the apothecary would mix up the ingredients called for. It was, in essence, the original pharmacy.

apothecary (n.)

Derives from mid-14c., meaning “shopkeeper,” especially “pharmacist; one who stores, compounds, and sells medicaments,” from Old French apotecaire (13c., Modern French apothicaire), from Late Latin apothecarius “storekeeper,” from Latin apotheca “storehouse,” from Greek apotheke “barn, storehouse,” literally “a place where things are put away,” from apo “away” (see apo-) + theke “receptacle,” from suffixed form of PIE root *dhe- “to set, put.” (from the online etymology dictionary)

Today, we have modern pharmacies and pharmaceutical drugs, but there are very few herbal apothecaries, which is a shame, because herbs were, and still are, a very powerful way of healing.

Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and clinic is a place where you can come for natural solutions to all your health needs. Our staff is trained in a variety of natural healing methods from herbalism to nutrition, which means we can offer help for a variety of issues.

We stock bulk herbs and tea blends, custom herbal extract formulas, essential oils, flower essences, body care products, and more. Our product selection is always expanding as we create products to suit the needs of our community.

We also offer bulk supplies for making your own body-care products at home, as well as classes on herbal medicine and health.

We also specialize in functional nutrition, which means we work in-depth with you on your nutritional needs to help correct any imbalances you may have which will help you to maintain a healthy life. A functional nutritionist will do a full evaluation of your diet and lifestyle factors, as well as your unique symptoms and biology in order to gain a deeper understanding of your unique needs.

If you have any type of health issue that has been persistent or doesn’t seem to be helped by conventional medical methods, consider scheduling an appointment to discover how natural medicine can work for you.

Come in and speak with our knowledgeable staff or request a one-on-one consultation today.



  • Sarah Josey, CN CH - Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist
  • Brita LaTona - Clinical Herbalist


  • Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 11am-5pm

(Appointment times are available outside of these hours, please call with questions)

Meet our Staff

Meet our Staff