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Herbalism is for everyone. We make it right for you.

Whether you’re seeking guidance to re-weave your health, looking for all-natural skin and body care, or simply curious about herbs, Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic is here to serve on your plant journey.

In our beautiful stone-walled shop you’ll find more than 600 products handcrafted right here, by us, in small batches. We use organic and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, and our thoughtful processing methods keep waste to a minimum.

We offer bulk supplies for making your own botanical preparations at home. And we host herb-infused classes that you can join if you want to learn how to identify wild edibles, make your own herbal preparations, or even use plant-based dyes. In-store, we can customize products to fit your needs perfectly, usually following a consultation.

This wide variety of offerings allows us to support people of all walks, whether they’re better served by a high-end facial oil or an affordable allergy relief tea.

Every time you walk in the door of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic or visit us online, we hope you’ll feel like you’re getting something made with care, just for you.

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Our Staff

We are 100% women-owned and operated — and highly skilled.

Led by our owner, Sarah Josey, everyone who works at Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic is either an herbalist, aromatherapist, nutritionist, or a combination of these.

To book a consultation click on the profiles of our staff below.

Sarah Josey

Founder & Owner, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Leesa Balik

General Manager, Aromatherapist

Brita LaTona

Clinical Herbalist & Eco Therapy Practitioner

Risa Hunter

Staff Herbalist & Yoga Instructor

Genevieve Smith

Staff Herbalist & Yoga Instructor

Amber Schoch

Staff Herbalist

Jaclyn Fenske

Staff Herbalist

Julie Peachtree

Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Brynna Herbener

Staff Herbalist

Jessy Price

Staff Herbalist

Our Products

We handcraft hundreds of our products in-house, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients as much as we can.

As an Earth-centered business, we use recyclable and compostable packaging whenever possible, and keep waste to a minimum.

Because we believe herbalism is for everyone, our products range from simple and affordable bulk herbs to complex, expertly-formulated preparations. We aim to help every customer find a product that can help them, at a price point that fits their current circumstances.

At Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic you’ll find:

  • bulk herbs 
  • tea blends
  • custom herbal extract formulas
  • essential oils
  • flower and gem essences
  • body care products
  • books

We’re always growing! Like a garden in midsummer, our selection continues to blossom and change as we create products to suit the needs of our community.

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