Julie Peachtree

Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Julie was born on the land of the Nisenan and Miwok people, today known as the central valley of Northern California. She found her way to herbalism through her studies in ecology and natural history. The connection she felt during her field studies led her to deepen her relationship with and knowledge of the plants, eventually taking her all the way to the Front Range.

Before becoming a Certified Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, she began her career as an outdoor educator, working as naturalist and mentor for grade school kids from the farm fields of Oregon to the waters of the Atlantic. Her time farming and teaching inspired her passion for food justice, sustainable farming practices and conservation, work that she still feels a pull towards and deeply affects her work as an herbalist.

During a consultation, Julie uses the power of food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations to support balance in the body. Julie recognizes that true healing comes when her clients harness the healing power of their own bodies. Her specialties include children’s and teen health, diet and digestive issues, and reproductive health.

When not at The Golden Poppy, Julie can be found singing with her preschool students, trying out new recipes, dancing in her kitchen, or trying to read too many books at once.

Julie’s initial appointments are $100 for 1.5 hrs.

To schedule with Julie please email her: Julie.Peachtree@clinicalherbalism.com