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Herbalism Classes & Workshops

Level up your wellness, deepen your connection to the plant world, and forage for new friends in our hands-on herbalism workshops.

Herbalism, at its root, is about owning our health, reconnecting with the natural world, and rebuilding community. With plants as our teachers and co-conspirators, we’re learning to trust our instincts and use all of our senses to bring our bodies and the Earth back to wholeness.

Whether you’re interested in turning herbs into salves and extracts or celebrating the shifting seasons in Earth-centered ways, we have botanically-inspired offerings and herbalism workshops to pique your interest.

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Intuitive Readers

Because sometimes you need a little insight from the divine.

Wondering if you’re meant to take your dream job in another state or stay near your mom, whose health is failing? Is it time to leave your current relationship, or is the lesson to set expectations and give your significant other a chance to course correct? And what the heck are you supposed to be doing with your life anyway?

Three of Golden Poppy’s most trusted intuitive readers visit the shop monthly, offering insights that can help you turn seemingly insurmountable challenges into soul growth and expansion.

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Special Events

Find us out in the world, or right here hosting a gathering.

As much as we thrive in the grounded ambiance of our apothecary, we also love getting out in the world to share our message at herb festivals and conferences.

And we adore inviting people here for events, like First Fridays in our next-level upstairs space.

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