Leesa Balik, Aromatherapist, Store Manager

Leesa Balik, Aromatherapist

“I have always enjoyed helping people connect with their body as a whole through natural healing.”


Leesa’s interest in natural health started at a young age with a desire to incorporate healthier and more natural-based products into her life.

This led Leesa to her passion for aromatherapy, and in 2014 she acquired a Certificate in Holistic Health and Aromatherapy from Front Range Community College.

Through this growing love and practice, Leesa enjoys helping others find natural skin care options while educating people on essential oil safety.  She also integrates aromatherapy into people’s lives by using essential oils for emotional and spiritual well-being in order to find balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Leesa loves helping people create personalized aromatherapy blends specific to their needs.

She also works with other companies who are looking for branded products and signature scents come up with formulas that fit their needs.

Leesa is also our store manager and keeps the shop running and bills paid.

To schedule an aromatherapy appointment with Leesa please email her: LeesaBalik@GoldenPoppyHerbs.com