Blog - Medical Astrology Series: Gemini


By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(May 21-June 21)


Element: Air—Intellect, Swift, Adaptable

Planet: Mercury—Speed, Versatility, Communication

Body Part Ruled: The Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands


Energetci / Responsive / Social / Clever / Humanistic / Intellectual / Dualistic


Oh, Spring-One minute it’s as bright as can be, and the next it’s a hail storm. Have you been busy tending to your garden? Has the weather washed your work away? Then it must be Gemini season. Geminis are great optimists-move on, start over, new day! They are not deterred by setbacks, it would not occur to them, because they accept their outlook and the world around them as a place of constant change. Truly, Geminis value nothing more than change and freedom. They can accept the truth present in every moment as the zodiac’s mutable air sign.

Like their hopeful outlook, the mind of a Gemini is endlessly curious. This multi-faceted sign wants to experience all of life’s dramas, play all of its characters, and their versatile nature allows it. Their mercurial tongues make them quick-witted communicators and quite persuasive. As well, they tend to know a little bit about quite a lot of topics; contributing to their natural skills as conversationalists, writers, speakers, and researchers. Their natural exuberance makes them amusing, relatable, and able to readily make friends. They become aware, full, and vital from social and mental stimulation, which introduces them to an array of ideas, personalities, and information. However, this airy, even flighty, nature can easily turn into lingering on topics, feelings, or challenges superficially. They love to live on the light-hearted side of life, but their high-seeking and stimulating lifestyle can lead to avoidance.

The Twins rule the lungs, a twin organ, which allows for us to access our breath. This affinity makes Gemini susceptible to bronchitis, asthma, and hyperventilation. Secondarily, Their rule over the shoulders, arms, and hands makes for a tendency to sprains, fractures, and muscle sprains. Breath revitalizes our blood, spirit, and life-force energy, or prana. When we are full and flowing with the breath, we are allowing life to move through us, embracing change with a child-like spirit that is expansive and curious, like our Geminis. However, the moment we become shallow in the breath or hold our breath, energy becomes stagnant, heavy, and stale. Geminis need to allow their emotions and experiences to move fully through them, which may mean fully processing heaviness to allow for new energy to come through.

It would be difficult to describe health for a Gemini without also considering the nerves. A Gemini’s excitable, high-strung presentation can manifest as anxiety. They can lose energy trying to do everything. Once they become scattered, the tendency is to lose steam, get bored, and abandon all their efforts. Likewise, their dual-nature makes swinging from despondency to mania a regular occurrence. It is important for this sign to know when to slow down and center.



  • Always needing something new to learn, Gemini will enjoy getting recommendations for different blogs, podcasts, or hands-on educational workshops on health and wellness.
  • Consider a pranayama, practice, which will support healthy mindfulness and breathwork for releasing stagnant energy and regaining flow.
  • Exploration and trying new things is so healthy for a Gemini-try out some different healing modalities at a friend’s recommendation. Word-of-mouth referrals are perfect for this chatty, social sign.
  • You would benefit from making your healthy habits a social activity. Cultivate play and community by joining a club, getting outdoors with some friends, or by frequenting a gym, meditation group or fitness class.
  • It can be hard for this changeable sign to stick with a new regimen for long enough to see if it works. Play to your spontaneous nature and give yourself options for your wellbeing that you can opt for within a scheduled framework.
  • It is important that you slow down and unwind, find time to meditate, breathe, and regain that feeling of flexibility and flow.
  • The brain consumes quite a lot of energy and busy Gemini may eat on the run or even forget about food entirely. This can create imbalances in cortisol levels, resulting in a blood-sugar roller coaster or an exhausted nervous system. Make a special effort to eat full meals at regular and frequent intervals throughout the day.
  • Gemini’s sensitive lungs may take a hit when under stress, so holding back from smoking can make a world of difference for Gemini’s immunity and circulation.
  • Jitterbug Gemini, swap out your coffee for calming yet uplifting herbal teas. Peppermint and Lavender are common herbs with ‘mixed energetics,’ meaning they have the ability to relax and stimulate the mind. Lavender is also this sign’s herb!



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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a healthcare professional.






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