By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(Dec 22 – Jan 20)

Element: Earth—Reliable, Patient, Resourceful

Planet: Saturn— Discipline, Obstacles, Authority

Body Parts Ruled: Bones, Knees, & Joints

Successful / Goal-Oriented / Committed / Sophisticated / Loyal / Responsible 


As we look beyond the revelry of Sagittarius, we prepare for the journey ahead to make all our big dreams a reality. In Capricorn season, we make our resolutions, determine which goals we truly want to work towards and how best we can accomplish them. We set our mind to the task at hand and know that the small steps we take now have big outcomes for our future. But no one can make this journey for us— it is our own determination and will that drives us to the mountain top to look out and wonder at how far we’ve come.

ibex in the Alps

The sign of Capricorn rules reputation, honor, and achievements. The goat is always in steady pursuit of their destiny, guided by a sense of purpose that drives them onward and upward. The deliberate steps a Capricorn takes towards success is a difficult path and not without hardship. Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, is a task-master and demands we demonstrate commitment, diligence, and fortitude if we are to become the masters of our own reality.

Capricorn’s Saturnian nature reveals that an awareness of rules, boundaries, and limitations are necessary for growth and abundance. Caps will be cautious and conservative, and, like a mountaineer, ensure sure-footing before moving forward at their steady, enduring pace. They take each obstacle as it comes and focus solely on the task at hand, not allowing themselves to be distracted or deterred. And Capricorn will accomplish all of this and be rewarded with money, status, and power.

Capricorns are frequently misunderstood. People may confuse Capricorn’s focus and drive for seriousness that reads as being morose and even dull, but Caps are actually quite funny and warm company. The steadfastness of Caps makes them loving, loyal companions and providers for their families. Having loving connections which provide mutual support is so critical for self-sufficient Caps, as they tend to feel like ‘it’s all on them’ and will shy away from help or support from others. This can lead Caps to feeling isolated.

There is a remoteness of spirit as we strive for our individual goals— Caps learn that it can be lonely at the top, but they still are sensitive, kind, and thoughtful souls in need of care and connection. Caps are proud, however, so trust lost is hard to regain. Caps have a lot that they want to accomplish, and if a relationship isn’t serving their higher purpose, they can afford to lose the dead weight.

In health, conservative Cap will research, gather data, and examine traditional methods and empirical information before making decisions. Their strong constitutions make them enduring and capable bodies, but they can work themselves to the point of deterioration. Capricorn rules the bones, teeth, joints, and knees. As Cap ages, our later years being ruled by ‘Father Time,’ Saturn, they become prone to rheumatism, arthritis, tendonitis, neuralgia, stiff joints, and orthopedic problems. They must learn to take preventative measures over the course of their long life and be mindful of overworking so as to not suffer the consequences in their older age.

While frugal Caps may balk at unnecessary spending, prioritizing one’s health every day is worth more than an excess of medical bills and diagnoses later. Making one’s health a priority is important, as well, for Caps because they will rarely complain about their health, and may put off a necessary visit. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness– it’s a responsible assessment of our limitations, which teaches us how to be more effective in our approach to health and life.


  • Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’— be thankful for the strides you make and for the support of others that contributes to making it all possible.
  • Nurture your need for connection by taking pause from striving to play and socialize. It will make you more effective at work and help you to avoid burnout.
  • Care for strong bones with weight-bearing exercise, whole food sources of calcium, such as in dark leafy greens and dairy products, and limit depleting substances, like caffeine, refined sugar, and phosphates, found in carbonated drinks.
  • Supplement with Omega-3 fatty acids (found in cold-water fish, hemp seeds, flax, and chia) as well as Turmeric and Glucosamine for well-lubricated joints and to calm systemic inflammation.
  • Caps can get gloomy and overly introspective in their isolated states, so supporting their mental health with spontaneity, rest, recreation, sunshine, and quality time with affirming relationships will all help to temper this tendency.
  • Get regular doses of collagen building nutrients, such as our mineral-rich herbs, like Horsetail, Nettle, Alfalfa, and Oatstraw.
  • Cap also rules our teeth, so take care with regular dental cleanings and investing in dental hygiene to prevent painful extractions and oral surgeries later on.
  • Discipline your mind and your body with a mindfulness-based exercise regimen, such as yoga, tai chi, or martial arts. Such activities clear the mind and prepare you to feel centered and focused for all that you need to accomplish in a day.



  • Turmeric is most well known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as it’s potential for pain relief, and for these two well-established reasons, it makes a great herb for those working to curtail potential inflammation for happening (read more here)
  • Eleuthero is an energy tonic herb. Often called Siberian Ginseng this herb is not as intense as the true ginsengs and thus tends to more suitable for longer-term tonic use to help support the systems in people who have a tendency to push themselves regularly physically.
  • Ginger is related to turmeric and is another power-house anti-inflammatory herb. It is also warming and blood moving helping to improve circulation as well as the movement of all energy in the body (read more here)
  • Nettle is a supreme nourishing herb, high in vitamins and minerals it is a tonic herb best used over the long term. The nutritional content lends itself to being an adapotgen, helping the body adapt to stress, as well as being another one well known for it’s inflammation cooling qualities. (read more here)
  • Solomon’s Seal has long been used for aching and arthritic joints. A moistening herb, it brings relief to dry and creaky feeling knees, ankles, and finger knuckles
  • Essential Oil of Cedar “The Virginia Cedarwood tree is a majestic tree and imparts an energetic strength and fortitude. It is grounding and calming and helps us to feel more centered and balanced. This oil brings depth and meaning when we are feeling a bit lost or confused. When we use this oil, we feel the wisdom and clarity of the tree being infused into our energy.”
  • Essential Oil of Cypress is another grand tree that stands tall and majestic. It is expansive, opening, clarifying, and freeing.
  • Essential Oil of Myrrh is both a grounding and uplifting oil, helping one to feel rooted to the earth while also opening the higher chakras up to higher wisdom
  • Flower Essence of Oak helps one find a balanced strength, to know when to accept your limits, and to know when to surrender
  • Flower Essence of Rock Water helps one find flexibility, spontaneity, and a flowing receptivity; apprehending the spirit rather than the letter of the law
  • Flower Essence of Fluorite Combo “synchronizes movement between the etheric and physical bodies; fine tunes our focus so that we can deal with multiple issues in a healing process with precision, balance, and a clear sense of priorities.”


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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.