By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(August 22- September 23)

Element: Earth—Practical, Resourceful, Regenerative
Planet: Mercury— Logic, Reason, Intellect
Body Parts Ruled: Small Intestines + Gallbladder / Nervous System

Modest / Analytical / Service-Oriented / Organized / Industrious / Conscientious  

Summer is nearly over, and the harvest time is here, but the work is not over. Sweet, organized Virgo knows that this is the time for preparation, future plans, and preserving goodness for the health and happiness for all. The virgin, long associated with purity, is concerned with the affairs of daily work and personal ritual. Virgo understands that as an individual, sacrifices must be made for the wellbeing of the whole. The Vestal Virgins, priestesses of ancient Rome, were accorded the high honor of presiding over holy days and tending daily the city’s sacred flame, meant to symbolize the life-force of the Roman empire. In exchange, they devoted themselves entirely to the state at the expense of a life outside their duties. Much the same, Virgos will apply themselves completely to a task in service to those they care for.

While they might project calm, Virgos have a restless, nervous energy as they winnow, sift, and separate what serves them and what doesn’t. They seek to improve and refine their environment using the real-time information their sharp and observant minds gather. Needless to say, Virgos have an exhaustive and probing intellect. They feel at their most useful, at their best, when this careful, tedious work makes the world around them a little more perfect. They harvest information, assimilate facts and find immediate ways to make use of what they’ve learned to become better, wiser, and more self-sufficient.

Virgos can have a reputation for being cold, which makes relationships healing for Virgo, especially with people who give them permission to be messy and uninhibited. Friends bring out their warm, loving side that makes them committed and kind partners. But don’t expect chocolates and birthday cards from these folks— their love language is definitely acts of service, so think instead bone broth at your sick-bed, a cash loan, or your animals watched while out of town. Virgo does the work that others ignore or avoid— the details of emotional labor, i.e. the meal planning, to-do lists, and financial budgeting. All these tasks are lovingly tended to by the Virgin as she keeps everything in neat order. Their pragmatism with emotional support makes them great as physicians, counselors, and confidantes. But don’t tell a Virgo friend your problems if you weren’t expecting detailed protocols and prescriptions for every crisis. And if you don’t take their good, and often accurate, advice watch how quickly calm and reserved Virgo rages against their deepest offense— being unappreciated.

Virgos thrive on bringing order to chaos; however, this same reasoning is easily applied to their emotional lives. The Virgin may attempt to justify their emotions, being generally inconvenienced by having them to begin with despite their obvious, caring nature. For Virgo, it would be better if they could organize their feelings into neat check boxes— apologized to sister (check), mourned recently deceased cat (check), released over-reactions to having household objects moved (check). It would be nice if feelings were that manageable, but that’s just not how they work, Virgo.

Virgo minds ultimately find it very difficult to rest and allow for life to unfold organically as they weigh the pros and cons of each moment, assessing life for its’ net value. Virgo can become judgmental and critical, especially of themselves, as they methodically edit their experience for flaws and short-comings. They must remember the mantra, ‘perfection is the enemy of the good.’ Remember to stop and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Virgo. Harvest is a feast time meant to be celebrated!

Virgos tend to be quite health-conscious. They thrive with routine, so their lifestyle often reflects this need with regular doctors appointments and dentist visits, vitamins, and supplements. They also tend towards simple, yet sensible daily activities such as walking, gardening, and stretching. Their focus on their physical health makes them the ideal picture of hygiene and regimen.

This need for perfection can easily work against them, however. Virgos are primed with very fine-tuned nervous systems. Being so sensitive to their environment, Virgos tend to be quite intuitive, but also very anxious. They can hold a lot of nervous tension and worry themselves sick. They will notice everything ‘wrong’ with themselves, every minor ache, so much so that others will proclaim Virgo a hypochondriac. Such neurotic tendencies can lead them to be self-blaming, where malaise is turned inward on themselves. Virgos need to strive for more self-acceptance and allow for life to flow naturally rather than looking for an explanation, fix, or remedy the moment something feels amiss.

Most healing disciplines agree health begins nourishment. If you can heal digestion, most other conditions naturally resolve. Virgo rules the small intestine, which functions in discerning and assimilating nutrients. The breakdown and absorption of food also require support from the sign’s ancillary rulers, the pancreas, as it produces digestive enzymes, and the gallbladder, which stores bile. We know that stress, nutrient deficiencies, and more can lead to poor digestion. Virgo especially is susceptible to stress, nervous tension, stress ulcers, nervous indigestion, irregular bowels, leaky gut syndrome, dysbiosis, food allergies and autoimmunity. Food allergies are particularly important for this sign to recognize. All those ‘hypochondria’ symptoms such as chronic inflammation, obscure immune reactions, unresolved aches and pains, chronic fatigue may very well be a system inundated by attempts to separate what is self and not self. A protocol of elimination diets, relaxation, probiotics, lacto-fermented veggies, organic food, digestive bitters, and whole fiber can do wonders for the fussy Virgo constitution. An herbalist, naturopath, or nutritionist can help with research and wholesome recommendations.

Wellness Tips for Virgo:

  • Declutter your home— Virgo is extra sensitive to mess. A home in disarray often shows the state of the Virgin’s mind, so clear some space.
  • Make mealtimes a ritual— Keep your digestion moving with a relaxing walk outdoors followed by a warm cup of herbal tea for a gentle nightcap.
  • Make the most of the harvest by enjoying raw, lacto-fermented foods, traditionally crafted preserve to nourishment. Such foods are also wonderful allies to your microbiome, which are the foundation for proper gut health.
  • Cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’— Virgos can become chronically unhappy as they fixate on what could be done better. Finding at least one thing each day to express your thankfulness will help life feel just a little more joyful.
  • Discover a new craft— Working with their hands on something creative and functional (win-win) helps Virgos get out of their brain and usefully apply their detail-oriented nature.
  • Maintaining a garden, or the very least some potted kitchen herbs helps ground Virgos in healing earth energy.
  • Start the day with a focused morning routine. If a Virgo has an air-tight routine, they can relax and cruise through the rest of their day.
  • Relax at a farmer’s market or enroll with a local CSA— Clean, organic, whole food isn’t just a nice thought, but a necessity for Virgos. Supporting their community also emotionally connects them to their food and loved ones in a deep and mutually supportive manner.
  • Purification is innate to this sign, and they will enjoy clarifying practices such as fasting and saunas. Remember to replenish! Note: Excessive fasting is contraindicated for individuals who are in a depleted or recovery state. Proceed with discretion and the guidance of a healthcare practitioner.


  • Lemon Balm – one of our favorite and most used nervines, lemon balm is perfect for calming an anxious mind, for settling the nervous system, and helping on move through life in a smoother and calmer manner. It’s perfect for those who don’t always show their anxieties and gentle enough for almost everyone, children included.
  • Holy Basil – related to the basil used to make pesto, Holy Basil has a strong history of use in the Ayurvedic herbalism tradition. It has a calming and uplifting effect, particularly on the brain, and has studies documenting its effectiveness at reducing feelings of sadness and anxiety
  • Oat straw – the ultimate nervous system restorative, Oat straw (and Milky Oats) nourish and soothe the nervous system. If you think if your nerves like wires, that have perhaps become a bit frayed, oat straw goes in and smoothes out the edges so things can run more smoothly.
  • Monarda – also known as Bee Balm or Wild Oregano, Monarda is excellent at opening up the brain as well as the sinuses. Perfect for the changing weather seasons when congestion and stuffiness may be causing your head to feel like it’s full of cotton, monarda will move the energy up and out.
  • Reishi – Known as the longevity herb of Chinese medicine, the reishi mushroom has been utilized for its healthful properties for over 4,000 years. In the Taoist tradition, this herb has been consumed for its ability to enhance spiritual receptivity while calming the mind and spirit
  • Gem Essence of Sapphire – strengthens devotion and commitment to Divine purpose; promotes loyalty and responsibility to one’s true work on the planet; helps us connect to the energetic support we need to do what we came here to do
  • Flower Essence of Beech – For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. And, although much appears to be wrong, to have the ability to see the good growing within. So as to be able to be more tolerant, lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own final perfection.
  • Flower Essence of Dill – helps with your ability to experience and absorb a wide variety of sensory experiences for when you have a heightened awareness of taste, touch, hearing, sight, smell, that are leading to overwhelm due to excess stimulation, hypersensitivity to the environment or to outer activity, sensory congestion


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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.