Blog - Medical Astrology Series: Scorpio

By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Element: Water— Depth, Mystery, Transformation

Planet: Pluto— Regeneration, Power, Explosive

Body Parts Ruled: Genitals / Urinary System

Passionate / Magnetic / Alchemical / Healing / Ecstatic / Enduring / Resourceful


Autumn arrives, leaves fall, and the Earth is laid to rest. With the season’s shift we discard all that no longer serves us. Scorpio knows that in order to release and transform old patterns, we need to be willing to make peace with our shadows. Just as destruction leads to creation, when we forgive our past and clear old attachments they can be nurtured and healed by the season to regenerate in new forms in another cycle.

Perhaps it’s their proximity to All Hallow’s Eve that gives Scorpios a dark reputation, but to understand their basic nature, one must know the forces that compel this sign. The Scorpion is an emotionally-driven sign and is unafraid to plunge into dark water. They gather strength from daring the edge of what is known and unknown in themselves and their experience of life. They welcome the radically altered states afforded by death, sex, and rebirth— being almost compulsively drawn to what seems too mysterious, taboo, and strange to other sign natives. This alchemical dance guarantees a passionate life of depth, dimension, and color for Scorpio.



They are an enduring force searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Their penetrating mind longs to know the mysteries of the universe. Their ability to sense what is unseen or unsaid makes them quite intuitive. Don’t judge them by their intensity, though, Scorpios are generous and caring, as their discoveries are reflections of their deepest hopes for humanity.  As a friend and companion they are uncommonly loyal, tender, and affectionate. These are the heroes of ancient myth, who would travel to hell and back for the important people in their life.

Scorpios are a primordial force of nature, where they can present as a well-spring, connected to source and a reservoir of impossible emotional depth, or a formidable wall of ice—cold, unapproachable, and deceptively inert. Scorpios can also have a sharp, stinging temper. Once someone slights them, they have made a dangerous enemy.  When they feel they’ve been hurt, they can become brooding, resentful, even vindictive and merciless. They easily spot other’s weaknesses and can exploit them to their advantage to deliver a deadly blow. Due to Scorpios’ volatile moods, relationships can be complicated. Intensely possessive, they expect loyalty in kind— ‘all or nothing,’  and can sense when and if another is masking the truth. They also can possess a secretive and jealous nature, which can evoke anger in others that evolves into power struggles. And I promise you, Scorpio will not yield. It follows that reparations and releasing trauma becomes the higher octave of this sign as they learn to transform their wounds.


Being willing to look beyond the obvious pain and confront their shadow means that Scorpios can go where others are afraid to follow. In this way, they move between worlds as researchers, shamans, counselors, and doctors bringing messages from the other side for the healing of us all. From these spaces of regeneration, Scorpio can transform a negative situation into an opportunity for growth and strength.

Scorpio, marked by passion, intensity, and the powers of regeneration, naturally rules our genito-urinary system. This affinity for the genital regions makes them prone to venereal disease, UTIs, impotency, infertility, and other disorders of reproductive organs. Unsurprisingly, Scorpios can be a very sexual and creative individuals. As well, the pelvic bowl can easily accumulate repressed emotions, such as shame, and trauma. Clearing stagnation or tension in these regions, clarifying boundaries, creative self-expression, and releasing anger and frustration from the body will allow for a healthy flow of energy here.




  • Seek ‘power with,’ not ‘power over’ others, Scorpio. Remember, truth lies beyond someone being right or wrong…
  • Find a positive expressive outlet where you can safely release intense and explosive emotions, such as art, dance, writing, singing, etc.
  • Feeling uninspired? Find a book for your probing mind to dive into— an interesting work of non-fiction, a tattered book on the esoteric and occult, or great philosophical works will satisfy.
  • Tantric meditation goes far deeper than the heightened sexual states it’s usually associated with- true tantra incorporates sounds, colors, mantras, yantras, vibrations, visualizations, and the power of kundalini energy. Engaging these potent energies would provide an ideal framework for meditation for the Scorpio.
  • Trying healing forms of body work, such as Maya Abdominal Massage, can help increase circulation and improve the tone and orientation of the pelvic bowl which supports the many ailments common to Scorpio.
  • Healing practices that can help Scorpio to reconcile and release trauma or family patterns are ideal for this sign. Consider ancestor healing, shamanic journeying, or shadow work.
  • Being prone to infection and sensitivity in the genital region, penis soaks and vaginal steams are antimicrobial and aromatic water preparations of herbs that can be used to soothe delicate tissues and are a very relaxing form of self-care.
  • A naturally provocative sign, Scorpios’ overactive sex lives and tendency to over-identify or merge with their lovers can lead to dissolved boundaries— practice affirmative consent and be aware of co-dependent behaviors.
  • Scorpios need a sense of purpose and direction, and substance-use can make them listless. Alcohol, in particular, can exacerbate their tendency towards volatility, so practicing moderation is advised.
  • Scorpios can become obsessive to the point of forgetting to take care of their physical bodies— Remember to nourish yourselves, Scorpios, so that you can maintain your signature stamina.


  • Yarrow flowers – yarrow is the ultimate warrior and protective herb. Named after Achilles, yarrow energetically brings strength and protection helping to bolster your energetic and emotional boundaries. (read more)
  • Ocotillo bark – Another protective herb, Ocotillo is a desert plant covered in spines. It helps to move stagnation specifically in the pelvic region as well as the cardiovascular system which can help remove stuck and stagnated emotions and well as bodily fluids. It also brings an emotional strength and release at the same time
  • Shatavari root – also known as She of 1000 Husbands in Ayruveda, shatavari would be called a nourishing Yin tonic in TCM. It helps to moisten the tissues, specifically in the genitourinary tract
  • Rosemary – Rosemary for Remembrance, this herb is clinically proven to increase memory and improve cognitive function. It also helps to clear the mind and the sense to allow for more clear thought. (read more)
  • Oats – nourishing to the nervous system, oats helps to calm any tight and tense feelings in the body. A true trophorestroative herb, when used over a long period of time it will strengthen the nerves helping to reduce anxiety and anxious thoughts and feelings. (read more, and even more)
  • Topaz Gem Essence – “clears energy blockages in the 3rd chakra; strengthens our ability to act decisively from a clear sense of personal identity and Divine purpose; helps us access appropriate sources of universal energy” (Alaskan Essences)
  • Snapdragon Flower Essence – helps with lively, dynamic energy; healthy libido; verbal communication which is emotionally balanced (FES)
  • Chaparral Flower Essence – helps with a balanced psychic awareness, deep penetration and understanding of the transpersonal aspects of oneself (FES)

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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.





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