By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(Nov 23-Dec 21)

Element: Fire—Adventure, Active, Enthusiasm
Planet: Jupiter— Idealism, Abundance, Expansion
Body Parts Ruled: Thighs, Hips, and Buttocks

Ambitious / Freedom-Loving / Philosophical / Explorative / Humorous / Lucky

From the shadowy waters of self-discovery in the sign of Scorpio, we are reborn in the light of Sagittarius—all things are possible now. We feel fully alive, with open hearts and minds to whatever is just over the next horizon. We have already passed through the dark, so now that we understand that the only limits that exist are the ones we create for ourselves, we have only test these false beliefs and continue to take aim for what lies beyond them.

Sagittarius is always peering just past the tip of their arrow, buoyant and full of hope, they reach out into a great beyond. Even if they miss their mark, they’ll never stop setting their eyes on the next elusive target. ‘Que sera,’ says the archer— ‘whatever will be, will be.’ Appearing to breeze through life, they move untethered, mutable, and expanding in every direction as they seek their next great adventure.

They have a cheerful, jovial nature and require freedom and independence in all areas of life. They are kind and generous to be sure, but they are not one to linger long in one place for too long. The archer thrives on change, being restless by nature and eager for new and exciting endeavors. Just as soon as they’ve conquered one great height, they need another to surpass it. Ruled by fire, the archer is a classic portrait of one who would rather burn up in a blaze of glory, then fade dimly away.

In relationships, the archer must be guaranteed an eclectic assortment of companions and a boisterous good time to take pause. But be prepared, the archer is ready to just do their own thing, which would be a challenge for those needing more security in their intimate connections. Sagittarius is unique, though, as they are not at all possessive or jealous. Their wanderlust can contribute to their being a bit capricious, evasive, and even impetuous. But they’re so much fun to be with, that these careless tendencies are usually forgiven.

Sag is also quite forward to say exactly what they mean, albeit at times coming off a bit uncouth. Despite this frankness, the Sag believes so deeply in their right to their opinions that they are easily hurt if their ideals are dismissed by the seeming ignorance of others. Sag respects others right to have their own opinion…so long as it doesn’t impinge on theirs.

Sag more than other signs will take a philosophical approach to health. They will probe into their challenges, triumphs, with deep contemplation to better understand themselves and strive for a full, abundant and healthful life. The sign rules the hips, thighs, and sacrum. These are the limbs of locomotion, they move us to where we want to go, making the sign coordinated, with a well developed lower body and a strong stride to carry them forward. It is important for these sign natives to always have a goal in mind a purpose or deeper meaning driving that goal. They will seek truth from many places to craft answers from their questions, slowly and patiently, as they deepen their experience of life. This process is one the demands cultivating a degree of self-awareness, and along the way it may be hard for Sag to acknowledge their limits.

They will test their edge until you find it, sometimes at great cost. Sag can be exhaustive and reckless at times. They set high goals with faith in their reserves and abilities, but they need to maintain their physical body, which endures so much to reach their goals.


  • Meet your need for lots of outdoor physical activity—get plenty of sunshine, hikes, fresh air, and freedom.
  • Balance strength with flexibility— Remember to warm up and cool down properly from workouts to prevent tightness from overexertion.
  • Set yourself up with a year-round gym membership— your active sign needs an outlet for all your extra energy no matter the season.
  • Consider rock climbing as an activity and a great test of finding your edge.
  • Your sign rules travel— make time to get out and explore a new culture either through travel or by taking in a cultural activity through food, art, and more.
  • The lower body needs to move and find freedom— do both with dance! Allow yourself to move freely, exploring unfamiliar spaces in your own body.
  • Keep glutes, hamstrings, and quads open to avoid pulling heavily on the low back, which can result in sciatica, aching hips, and tight knees.
  • Creative visualization is a mindfulness exercise which asks one to see an image ‘in the mind’s eye’ as a focal point. Visualization exercises can help one to set and achieve goals— an excellent practice for the sometimes wayward, but visionary Sag.
  • Being quick to change course, give yourself an exercise goal to work towards, such as training for a specific event or trip.
  • Your positive attitude keeps stress at bay, and all the ills that come with it, so make sure to play and have fun.
  • Make sure to prepare substantial meals coupled with healthy snacking to match your energetic lifestyle.
  • Be mindful when biking, hiking, running— taking care with your alignment and pace to avoid injuries.



  • Linden is a softening and moistening herb, making it a lovely remedy for firey Sag types. It has an affinity for the cardiovascular and nervous systems, being well known for helping lower high blood pressure.
  • Mullein Leaf is particular for the lungs, helping to keep them open and clear, both physically and energetically, making it an herb of communication
  • Gotu Kola is especially helpful for the connective tissues in the body, it helps to strengthen and nourish them, allowing them to be both stronger and more flexible at the same time. It is also an herb for the mind, helping one to focus and think more clearly. (read more here)
  • Eleuthero is an energy tonic herb. Often called Siberian Ginseng this herb is not as intense as the true ginsengs and thus tends to more suitable for longer-term tonic use to help support the systems in people who have a tendency to push themselves regularly physically.
  • Peppermint is another herb of communication, helping to open up and clear the entire airway system, from the sinuses to the deep lungs. It also works notably on the digestive system, helping to dispel gas, nausea, and upset stomachs.
  • Gem Essences of Turquoise “attunes the energy field to the ancient wisdom and sacredness inherent in all of life; cleanses and deepens our connection to the soul of the Earth; helps us live a life of simplicity with gratitude and reverence for All”
  • Flower Essence of Vervain helps one’s ability to practice moderation, tolerance, and balance; “the middle way;” passionate and embodied idealism
  • Flower Essence of Vine helps one find their sense of Selfless Service, a recognition of the individuality of others, and develop their sense of inner authority derived from a connection to a higher spiritual identity
  • Essential Oil of Rose is all about unconditional love, opening the heart chakra, and making one more open and receptive to the feelings of others and self while still maintaining personal boundaries.
  • Essential Oil of Bergamot “is great to use when we want to start anew. Bergamot wants us to succeed. Bergamot is cheering for us, helping to instill confidence in every ounce of our being.  Bergamot helps to clear out from our cells the “old” energy, helps us transform ourselves, recreate ourselves and regenerate.”
  • Essential Oil of Black Pepper is grounding, stabilizing, clearing, and energizing


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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.