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We invite you to tune into the energy of your heart space.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and place your hands over your heart.

Feel the soft rhythmic beating of your heart. Inhale again, and without judgment, and with compassion for yourself, ask yourself, what is being held in this space?

Perhaps you feel abundant joy, or perhaps, you feel sorrow?

Does your heart carry grief? Perhaps it flitters with the excitement of a new relationship?

Perhaps it carries all of the above?

As we ease into each new month, we flow as though we are the Moon, moving from a state of fullness and brightness, and slowly turn into the darkness. We find ourselves in the month that hosts the autumn equinox, the second time of the year in which light and dark are held in equal balance, before the light slowly surrenders into the dark half of the year.


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Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash


We too may be finding a similar feeling within ourselves, as we slowly release the fire of the summer, and allow the candle of the light half of the year to melt away. We may find ourselves longing for the surrender, a calling for deep rest, and a calling to turn inward, our energy moving within our root versus the external. We may feel a longing to examine our Shadow, and what may lie beneath.

Perhaps, this time of year can be thought of as the last deep, delicious stretch before we cozy up for the autumn that awaits us.

Similarly, to truly release what we are holding, and to inquire within, requires an open and expanded heart space, so that we may illuminate what lies beneath.


The Energy of the Heart Space

The energy of the heart space, as most of us are familiar, resonates with deep emotions, such as love, passion, joy, and grief. It is from this space that we connect intimately with the world around us, and particularly with the natural world.

We may often hear of terms like “Earth Energy” or “Earth Frequency,” and ultimately what this is referring to is the fact that nature operates from the same energetic vibration as that of love. In nature, all things seek balance, all things understand reciprocity, the sacred act of giving as well as receiving. Nature is tender and restorative, but also fiercely passionate. In nature, it is recognized that all beings are deeply interconnected, part of a broader web that weaves all together in harmony.

When we act outside of a place of love, this is when destruction occurs. There is an arising of “us” vs “them,” and we lose sight of our place in the sacred interconnectedness. Reciprocity instead becomes extraction, and wholeness and togetherness become isolation.


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Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash


Allowing our heart space to expand and open allows us to better tune into the frequency of nature and of the earth. Acting from a place of an open heart allows us to be vulnerable in a way that waters the seeds of growth, and reminds us of the importance of uplifting one another and deepening into community. Additionally, an expanded heart fuels the flame of our inner light, allowing it to shine brightly so that we may radiate love to others, but also so that we may better know ourselves. It helps clear the shadows and inner binds that may be held within ourselves, so that we may see them, know them, and address them so that we may release them.


Herbalism for the Heart Space

Plants are an extension of the beautiful harmony of nature, embodying Earth wisdom and the rhythms of nature’s cycles. Our herbal allies not only help to bring nourishment and alleviate ailments in our physical bodies but also help us to attune to our emotional and spiritual bodies as well. When we work with the plants, in gratitude and respect, we are co-creating, interweaving intention and medicine together in a beautiful dance.


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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


A beautiful way in which to tap into the energetic frequency of nature is to express love passionately to the natural world. We can provide our love as an offering to the plant allies, for they give this so unconditionally despite the destruction humans have contributed to. The plants shared this with author and plant medicine healer Eliot Cowan who wrote in his book Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants, “the plants have never forgotten that the fortune of one is the fortune of all, and that is why they are generous and compassionate with humankind.”

And what better beings to co-create with to expand and open the heartspace than the beloved herbs?


Herbs for Expanding the Heart

Before we can sink into the delicious emotions of sensuality, bliss, and passion, we must first find our grounding in the pace of the Earth. It is imperative that we have a calm nervous system, for expanding the heart may also come with more intense emotions, such as the navigation of grief or heartache. By regulating our nervous systems, we can move through these emotions more fluidly, allowing us to be relieved of their anchors so that we may open ourselves to what is possible and allow ourselves to radiate love.

Kava Kava: This gorgeous herb is revered for its ability to not only calm and restore the nervous system, particularly during times of heightened stress or tension, but also open us up to the wonders of unity. This herb was historically used during rituals between communities in conflict to help hold space for restoration, peace, and resolution.

Tulsi: This herb is deeply sacred and has been honored for over 5,000 years in India. Seen as a goddess in and of herself, there are holy festivals and temples bestowed in her honor. She was also recognized as sacred in other cultures and religions with whom she came into connection with via trade routes, and has received names such as “Holy Basil” as well. This herb is deeply nourishing to the nervous system, and can help us to sink into a space of ritual and sacredness, guiding us into deep and divine connection with our heartspace.


Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@anshuman0090?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Anshu</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/5tjgtEODQb0?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Anshu on Unsplash


Damiana: An herb with a delicious aroma, Damiana holds us and reminds us of what it means to be sensual. It reminds us of the preciousness that comes from the power of our sensuality, and how this is embedded in vitality and our joy of life. This herb also works energetically, helping us sink into a space of calm, while uplifting our hearts in radiant love.

It is very realistic that some blockages or restricting of our heart spaces are as a result of grief or emotional pain we may be holding on to. While it is not required to let these go, or that there should be any expectation that healing from these experiences have to happen in defined or linear way, there are herbal allies that can hold us in this space, while helping us to move through these deep emotions in a way that still gives us a vigor and appreciation for the vitality of living.

Hawthorn, which is also deeply nourishing to the heart muscle itself and is a tonic for our blood, is also an herb that can be a powerful ally for grief held in the heart. She acts similar to a loving grandmother, who helps us to navigate emotional challenges through intimate wisdom and guidance. Linden, another herb in the form of tree medicine, also sweetly and energetically holds and mends the ragged edges of a broken heart.

Some of our favorite blends that we’ve put together that support the heart-space are our Heart-Full Tea, our Happy Heart Perfume Roller, our Open Heart Essence Spray, Sacred Heart Protection Spray, and our Sacred Love Hot Coco Mix.

To our dear readers, we see you. We hold space for you, and we lift you up in gratitude and love. As we drop into the mystery of the dark half of the year, may this time bring you growth, and healing of the soul. We thank you for joining us in this exploration of the heart space, and look forward to dancing with you again soon!


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