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Fertility and the Sacral Chakra

Our second chakra, also known as the Sacral Chakra (the energy center held in our pelvic bowl), is the place in which we hold energy aligned with fertility, sensuality, and creativity. While we often think of fertility in the physical sense of conception and producing life, it is also important as we begin this journey to explore the broader perspective of fertility. There very well may be those who do not desire to experience pregnancy or wish to raise children, and that choice is valid! However this does not mean that those who make this choice may not also lean into, or work with, the magical energy associated with fertility.

Fertility also can allude to a sacred tending of abundance in our life. There is a direct connection between our Sacral Chakra and creative flow, and it is often from this space that we bring forth that which we are passionate about. When our Sacral Chakra is blocked, we may find that we experience stagnation, lack of inspiration, or feel an inability to witness with full presence the miracles and magic of life. When we tend to this important energy center, this allows us to feel the richness and joy that comes when we are fully in our element, and can lean into the juiciness and sensuality and ecstasy of being in alignment with our ability to create, that which makes us human.

Nature consistently reminds us that abundance is the way of life – demonstrating this in the way that plants so freely bring forth great yields of fruit and nourishment, or in sharing so generously their seeds for the next year to come. Abundance is the gift of fertility, and we too are deserving of this. We encourage you to ponder how you might tend to fertility to bring your dreams to fruition, create art, or bring forth a project you have had on your mind. We also invite you to explore more on awakening the sensual in our previous blog post!


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On Fertility and Nourishment

As with all aspects of our overall wellness, if you are on a journey to promote fertility or are calling this into your life, we must first tend to our foundation. This is our place of safety, of groundedness, and where we find the roots of our vitality.

It is important when addressing our individual fertility that we are working from a place of nourishment. When we have what our body needs to function well, this signals that we are safe, and encourages the body to produce life, and furthermore, allows us to tap into that creative flow. If we are beginning in a state of restriction or stress, this activates a very primal part of our brain that is focused on survival. If we are not adequately nourishing our physical body or tending to our nervous system, we are communicating to this aspect of our brain that our environment is not safe or stable, and therefore our fertility may be negatively affected.

To bring nourishment into the body, we can again look to nature’s guidance. Following a long winter, the first herbs to arrive in the earliest parts of Spring are the gorgeous wild and green weeds. There is a reason for this, and it is yet another example of the generosity of nature. The wild spring greens are some of the most potent nourishment medicine, as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. These plants would have been deeply revered by our ancestors surviving the winter as they would have been the first sources of food, and along with that, a harbinger of hope that the winter was coming to an end. We too, can work with these herbs, particularly this time of year when they are fresh, as food medicine to bring nourishment into our body.

These include herbs such as Chickweed and Dandelion Leaf, that can be enjoyed in the form of juice or as fresh green teas. These also make great additions to salads and their slight bitterness also makes them incredible allies for digestive systems that may need a little additional fire after months of eating more grounding, warming, and denser foods through the winter.

Nettle has long been celebrated as a deeply nourishing herb, and was largely utilized as food medicine. Consider adding this incredible ally to delicious soups, adding to pesto, baking into cakes, adding into omelets – there is such an abundance of options!

Oatstraw is also a powerful ally in the early spring, particularly as it begins to produce its milky buds. This plant is deeply supportive to not only the nourishment of the physical body, but is incredibly potent medicine for the nervous system. It has restorative properties, bringing vitality to nerves that have been frayed by chronic stress, and can help bring us back into a state of calm and safety, which is critical for promoting fertility.

The Red Raspberry plant also begins to produce tender green leaves in the early spring that are deeply nourishing. This plant also has a deep affinity for supporting pregnancy in all stages – it is gentle and yet holds the protective energies of the thorns of the raspberry bush. This plant has a subtle tart flavor that is absolutely delicious and makes such a great contribution to nourishing tea blends.

In addition to working with the above herbs, it is also important to consider other ways in which you are nourishing yourself. This includes ensuring that you are eating a balanced diet centered around whole foods, and avoiding restriction, as this brings stress into the body. Additionally, consider areas of your life where you can incorporate healthy movement to keep energy moving through the body, and equally important, rest when it is needed.


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Fertility and Tending to Our Nervous System

As aforementioned, we can better enhance our fertility when we feel secure, safe, grounded, and calm. We can again look to the herbal allies to help promote this and support our nervous systems to bring us into this desired state:

  • Linden: This is potent tree medicine that has grandmother-like qualities. Linden is not only nourishing to the nervous system, but is very opening to the heart, and is an ideal ally for helping call in new life.
  • Tulsi: This plant has long been honored and held sacred due to its incredible ability to not only tend to the nervous system but aid us in shifting our consciousness. This plant helps bring us inward, bringing about deeper states of meditation and is opening to the third eye.
  • Butterfly Blue Pea: This herb that is such a delight simply because it feels like the embodiment of alchemy, is also a great ally for the nervous system. It almost brings about a sense of childlike wonder and joy, bringing us back into connection with our heartspace.
  • Vervain: While bitter as a tea, this herb was also held sacred by ancient ancestors. This herb is incredibly helpful for more acute agitations of the nervous system, such as when we might be feeling panic, or when a racing mind makes it difficult to sleep. Vervain has a gentleness about it and works quickly to help bring about a sense of calm and quiet.
  • Skullcap: Aptly named as it genuinely feels like this herb brings a physical cap to your skull, this herb can help bring a sense of peace to a mind that feels like it is simply holding too much. It helps to instill a sense of clarity and empowers us to move forward with an unblocked and decluttered sense of direction.



In addition to nervous system tonics, herbs that help bring restoration to the nervous system, as well as help support overall vitality and wellness and overcome stress as a result of our environment are the adaptogenic herbs. Most often these herbs are also considered food medicine, and can make great additions to such things as nourishing bone or vegetable broths that bring nourishment into our body in an easy to digest and gentle way, soup stocks, stir fries, or even as additions to cozy beverages. Some herbs you might consider incorporating are root herbs such as Eleuthero and Ashwagandha or some of the incredible adaptogenic mushroom allies such as Reishi, Shitake, or Lion’s Mane.


Thank you for sharing in this introductory exploration of enhancing our fertility. We wish you the most abundant and joyful beginning to your spring, and look forward to next month, when we explore herbal allies to support the reproductive systems of the body!


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