Blog - 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The snow is falling, the cold weather is settling in, and the holidays are soon approaching.

As nature begins to slow down and rest, now is our favorite time of year to stock up on herbal goodies. This winter, we have compiled a handy holiday gift guide just for you. It features popular classics as well as some new and festive items to keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy, and supported.

Some of our most popular products, the Chakra Balancing Sprays are a combination of essential     oils and gem essences designed to align with each of the seven chakras and serve as perfume
as well as aid in meditation and healing. The Mini set in particular makes an excellent stocking


   Chakra Balancing Perfume Rollers have the same scent profiles as the
sprays to balance the chakras  but are a bit stronger for a longer lasting
scent, and inside each roller is a chakra-specific gem stone.
For this holiday season we also made Chakra Balancing Candles which
are a great way to infuse your space with your favorite scents to help
rebalance your entire system.



Inspired by the classic biblical gifts, Three Kings Body Cream is luxuriously soft and smooth, and is    only be made during the holiday season. This delightful blend is earthy, subtle, and grounded.



To capture the flavor of the season we made two limited edition seasonal lip
balms: PeppermintVanilla and Chocolate OrangeBoth leave your lips
silky smooth and delicious, and as always, are all-natural and organic.

Hurry in before they’re gone!


Made with immune boosting herbs, our seasonal tea blends are designed to strengthen your defenses and warm you when it’s cold. Our Cold & FluCough Calming, and Immune Boost Tea wonderfully support your immune system, and our Winter Warmer Tea is perfect for keeping away the winter chills.


If hard goods are more your thing, give our beautiful Spiral bound or Sketch & Scribble notebook sets a try.

If you love to write down your appointments with pen and paper then our Weekly 2017 Planners or our We’Moon 2017 Gaia Planners are for you! We also have 2017 Lunar Planners hand printed on cloth that can be hung and conveniently rolled back up for ease of travel.



Gift Sets consolidate everything you need in one handy kit. We offer Outdoor and Herbal First Aid Kits for BackpackersDIY Lip Gloss KitsEssential Oil Starter Kit, and more.

Sometimes our loved ones know best, though so instead of picking for them you can always purchase a gift certificate from the store to give them the chance to shop for themselves. In order to purchase a gift certificate, please stop by the store or call to order one from a distance.

Above all, share the love and take care of yourself and your loved ones this holiday season!

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