On Coffee and Herbalism for Energy

Now, before we begin, this is not a post where we begrudge the cozy, delicious, comforting thing that is a good cup of joe. We get it! Coffee can sometimes be that thing that hits just right when you need it most. It can bring us energy, can be shared in good company, helps us […]

Herbalism for the Skin

Did you know that our skin is actually our largest organ on our body? This may seem strange, as we typically consider organs to be those of smooth muscle inside of our bodies in charge of functions. For example, we tend to typically think of our heart, which moves blood around our body, or our […]

Metaphors from Nature: The Humble Seed

There are so many lessons that we can learn from a seed sprout. If we truly think about it, there is so much that happens long before the sprout ever comes into being that makes the sprout possible. There is preparation and tending, nurturing and patience, that goes into cultivating the conditions to make germination […]

Gardening and Sacred Relationship with the Land

March is the month in which we celebrate the Spring Equinox, a day in which we yet again experience equal day and equal night. However, in this instance, as opposed to the Autumn Equinox, we feel a building of energy as we dance our way into longer periods of light. From this period forward, the […]

Herbalism for the Sensual

Ah that month in late winter that often invokes visions of the colors red, pink, and white. We may even conjure images of small cherubs with a bow and arrow and adornments in the shape of hearts. We are talking of course about Valentine’s Day. And while this day may make some of us cringe […]

Herbalism for Inspiration & Creativity

We have come a full circle around the sun yet again, and find ourselves stepping over the threshold of a new year. As we emerge from the jubilant and chaotic energy of the holidays, and find ourselves in the deep quiet that follows the countdown to midnight, we enter a time of reflection. Often during […]

Herbal Magic

A beautiful thing about the world we live in is that there is an element of mystery. We cultivate a sense of courage in our being when we dance in the liminal spaces, or the spaces of the in-between. The space between the known, and that we do not yet know. The spaces of intersection, […]

Herbs for your Digestive System

As the chapter of late fall comes to a close and we turn the page to winter, we too experience the extinguishing of fire energy around us. The period of bright light embraces a period of prolonged darkness, and with this, we find our own internal fire beginning to reduce to a smolder. We find […]

Herbs for your Immune System

The passing of the autumn equinox is the passing of a threshold. We are officially moving into the dark half of the year, where the nights are long and the days are short. The energy of this time moves inward, and we find ourselves longing for all that is slow and cozy. The time in […]

Community Preparedness & Basic Herbal First Aid

Something truly incredible about herbalism is the fact that there never really seems to be an end to the ways in which we can interact with the plants, or ways we can tap into their healing capabilities.  This month, we are switching things up a bit and talking about emergency preparedness and the herbs that […]