Herbal Magic

A beautiful thing about the world we live in is that there is an element of mystery. We cultivate a sense of courage in our being when we dance in the liminal spaces, or the spaces of the in-between. The space between the known, and that we do not yet know. The spaces of intersection, […]

Herbs for your Digestive System

As the chapter of late fall comes to a close and we turn the page to winter, we too experience the extinguishing of fire energy around us. The period of bright light embraces a period of prolonged darkness, and with this, we find our own internal fire beginning to reduce to a smolder. We find […]

Herbs for your Immune System

The passing of the autumn equinox is the passing of a threshold. We are officially moving into the dark half of the year, where the nights are long and the days are short. The energy of this time moves inward, and we find ourselves longing for all that is slow and cozy. The time in […]

Community Preparedness & Basic Herbal First Aid

Something truly incredible about herbalism is the fact that there never really seems to be an end to the ways in which we can interact with the plants, or ways we can tap into their healing capabilities.  This month, we are switching things up a bit and talking about emergency preparedness and the herbs that […]

Nature’s Teachings on Abundance

It’s impossible to be lonely when you’re zesting an orange. Scrape the soft rind once And the whole room fills with fruit. Look around: you have more than enough. Always have. You just didn’t notice until now. ~Amy Schmidt  The wheel of the year keeps rolling on, and with it continue the ever-subtle shifts of […]

Herbal Aromatherapy: Breathing with Plants

  What does it really mean to “take a breather” – literally. Intentional breathing and focusing on our body helps to bring us into the here and now, and helps us to feel present in this moment. We can honor this intention and include the magic of plants with the practice of sharing breath with […]

Honoring & Supporting Pollinators

  Our existence is integrated into the dance of multitudes of interworking relationships – our very being is but a piece of a complex, tightly woven, interconnected, and dynamic system. Nature embodies the sweet alchemy of an intricate network of relationships – all that is living and non-living is connected, nothing is separate. Nature in […]

Flower Medicine

There are so many beautiful quotes about flowers, and this is because flowers are such a gift on this planet.  “Take time to stop and smell the roses”  “Blossom where you are planted”  “The earth laughs in flowers”  “Where flowers bloom, so does hope”    We can always count on the way a flower makes […]

On Alignment & Gardening

To tend to a garden is truly so much more than a fun hobby – it is a way to intentionally connect with plants and learn about them in their fullest form, and it is such a beautiful way to practice connection and love to the Earth.  A garden teaches us to slow down, and […]

Nourishment of the Root

The healing of the body and the construction of a new building share something in common in order to be resilient and long-lasting: tending to a strong foundation. As herbalists, our foundation is synonymous with our root. It is our root that anchors and grounds us, and also from which we grow and thrive. Our […]