Staff Pick June 2015

Risa started as an apothecary intern, trading 3 hours of her time each week for the chance to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at the apothecary. As our need for more people in the store grew, Risa quickly trasitioned from intern to store employee. She quickly found a love and pasison […]

Medical Astrology Series: Gemini

HEALTH & HEALING THROUGH THE SIGNS: GEMINI By: Ashley Noack, CCH GEMINI—THE TWINS (May 21-June 21)   Element: Air—Intellect, Swift, Adaptable Planet: Mercury—Speed, Versatility, Communication Body Part Ruled: The Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands   Energetci / Responsive / Social / Clever / Humanistic / Intellectual / Dualistic   Oh, Spring-One minute it’s as bright as […]


The Dandelion plant is native to Eurasia, but is now widespread throughout the world (5). Known for being a weed, today it is often sprayed with pesticides to repress its growth; many people are unaware of its medicinal benefits. The Chinese use the entire Dandelion plant for a liver tonic and a diuretic. They call […]