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Herbalism By The Moon: New Moon

  As with all beautiful chapters, we invite you to join us as we conclude the final piece of our Herbalism by the Moon series in deep celebration of the waning moon.  The Moon, as with all things in nature, moves through a cyclical rhythm, and following the culmination of the Full Moon, the waning […]

Herbalism by the Moon: Full Moon

We see only the moon’s fixed face, as you know. It never turns aside in pain, in anger or disgust. It is thus the good parent, holding the earth at arm’s length, gripping its shoulders with cool white hands, turning and turning around as if it were saying goodbye, as if it were taking one […]

Herbalism by the Moon: The Waxing Moon

We return to the Moon this month. (If you missed the first post in this series about the New Moon you can find it here: www.goldenpoppyherbs.com/herbalism-by-the-moon-the-new-moon ) Can we stop for a moment, and just sit in admiration of Earth’s oldest friend? Sit quietly, breathing deeply, and allowing ourselves to feel in awe of the […]

Herbs for Dreaming

There is almost a sense of mysticism around dreaming.  They come to us in the deepest part of the night, when we are fast asleep. It is this sense of almost vulnerability, and subsequently, surrender, that feels mystical. We do not have a lot of control over the sometimes magnificently vivid theater production our subconscious […]

Herbalism by the Moon: The New Moon

We as humans have long been fascinated with and connected to the moon.  Even if you are not someone who identifies as a night owl, we can bet that you have had an experience where the Moon has brought you a sense of comfort or coziness on a quiet evening. What is beautiful about the […]