I want to go to school for herbalism. What schools and resources do you recommend?

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism – the school attended by most of our staff in Lafayette The American Herbalists Guild American Botanical Council Herbal Academy Online Elderberry’s Herbal Education and Retreat Center  (Paonia, CO)  Herbalism Roots (Denver, CO)

Do you recommend any other local providers?

Mental Health: SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate) Center & 24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline (970) 472-4204 savacenter.org Crossroads Safehouse 1.888.541.SAFE (7233) crossroadssafehouse.org Gynecological support: The Red Door Collective www.thereddoorcollective.com Midwives & Doulas Tender Gifts Birthing Center (866) 218-5769  tendergiftsmidwiferyandbirthcenter.com Peaceful Birthing Company (970) 821-5728 peacefulbirthcompany.com Blue Spruce Birth (970) 699-5990 bluesprucebirth.com/about – Allie Dehart CNM, MSN, RN, BA Inclusive Birth Collective (970) 821-5728 www.inclusivebirthcollective.com Acupuncture: […]

Are essential oils safe for kids? While pregnant or breastfeeding?

See our guides: Safe Essential Oils for Babies & Kids and Safe Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

What are flower and gem essences?

We cover the basics of flower and gem essences on our in-depth page here: Flower & Gem Essence Indications, with the option to delve into more on individual flower and gem essences by downloading our free guide.

What about custom aromatherapy and body care products?

As a small store that creates all of our products by hand, we delight in making custom creations for our patrons From custom herbal tea and tinctures blends, and individualized flower and gem essence formulas, to personalized aromatherapy sprays and creations, we have a wide range of options to suit your particular needs and desires. Our […]

Can you customize herbal formulas for me?

As herbalists, we utilize various herbal preparations, everything from herbal teas (tisanes), tinctures, powdered herbs, to topical preparations such as salves, infused oils, poultices, essential oils, and more. In the store, we stock a large variety of bulk medicinal herbs, pre-made tea blends, elixirs, and more to cover the majority of the most common issues we see […]

What are all of the different types of preparations you make?

Tea The dried and prepared leaves of a shrub, Camellia sinensis, from which a somewhat bitter, aromatic beverage is prepared by infusion in hot water. The shrub itself, extensively cultivated in China, Japan, India, etc., and having fragrant white flowers. The beverage so prepared served hot or iced Any kind of leaves, flowers, etc., so used, […]

Are there different types of herbalists?

Traditional Western or Community Herbalists base their work on traditional folk medicine or indications of historical uses of herbs and modern scientific information blended together. Backgrounds may include folk, Native American, eclectic, wise woman, earth-centered, and many other traditions. They may be trained through traditional or non-traditional methods such as apprenticeships, schools or self-study.  Clinical […]

Are there different approaches to using herbs?

Various herbal traditions have developed worldwide. In the West there are a number of different traditions which include folkloric herbal practices, clinical herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, practitioners of Ayurveda or Chinese medicine, and numerous Native American herbal traditions. Some practitioners use highly developed systems of diagnosis and treatment while others base their treatments on individual […]

How safe are herbs?

It depends on the herbs. Most herbs sold as dietary supplements are very safe. When used appropriately, the majority of herbs used by practitioners have no adverse side effects. A review of the traditional and scientific literature worldwide demonstrates that serious side effects from the use of herbal medicines are rare. According to Norman Farnsworth: […]