Healthiest Kids University

Hello loyal apothecary fans! I’m really excited about this blog post today because I’m feeling special…you see, I was invited by my healing hero Aviva Romm to be allowed to offer you a special discount on her AMAZING new online program Healthy All Year. Aviva Romm is an herbalist midwife turned Yale trained doctor who has written […]

Elderflower Matieria Medica

LONG REVERED FOR IT’S IMMUNE PROPERTIES, THIS AMAZING PLANT HAS SO MANY USES FOR THE COLD AND FLU SEASON THAT YOU SHOULD PROBABLY PLANT ONE IN YOUR BACK YARD. The elder tree is one of those plants you should probably have in your backyard. Not only are it’s flowers beautiful, but both the blossoms and […]

Tips For Fall Health

We love the changing of the seasons, even though the plants are starting to make the transition into their winter slumber, fall is typically the time to harvest root medicines, so us herbalists never mourn the loss of the flowers and leaves because we know there is still medicine to be found. This is the […]

Staff Pick September 2015

WHETHER PLANNING TO BE A MOTHER, PREGNANT, OR A NEW MOTHER WE HAVE SOME GREAT HERBS AND PRE-MADE ESSENTIALS FOR YOU THAT WE JUST LOVE!  ONE OF OUR FAVORITES HERE AT THE STORE IS THE NURSING TEA. Many women struggle with breast milk production, whether due to stress or nutrition, we have the perfect tea that […]

Staff Pick October 2015

STAY HEALTHY THIS SEASON WITH ONE OF OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS, THE IMMUNE SOUP MIX The immune soup mix is not a stand-alone mix that you simply add water too, rather it’s a little baggie of herbs that you sprinkle in to your own homemade soup while it’s cooking to add in an immune boosting punch. Turkey […]

Fenugreek Materia Medica

Written by apothecary intern Suzy R.  The herb goddess of femininity Wise tales say it will make you curvaceous and voluminous. Belly dancers used to use it to accentuate their curves for dancing. In ancient Egypt they used fenugreek as a uterine stimulant and to ease the pain of childbirth (1) In the Middle East […]