Calendula Flowers

THE SUNSHINE HERB! We all could use a little more sunshine in our lives especially when it’s cheery, bright and in the shape of a beautiful flower called calendula. Not only is calendula beautiful, but it is an amazing herb to use on the skin. It clears completions, improves acne, stimulates circulation and soothes the […]

Staff Pick July 2015

SKIN REPAIRING BODY OIL STAFF HERBALIST BRITA SAYS: “THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS FOR THE SUMMER SEASON!” So many of us end up with sunburns, or flaking, itchy skin from prolonged sun exposure. This oil is is my go-to remedy during the summer months. It nourishes the skin, rebuilds skin cells and moisturizes. The blend […]

Lemon Balm

“Lemon Balm causeth the mind and the Heart to be Merry” stated Avicenna, the great Arabic physician (1). Originally from southern Europe, Western Asia, and northern Africa, Lemon Balm now grows throughout the world and is a common garden plant. The best time to harvest Lemon Balm is early summer onward but before it flowers. […]