Schizandra Materia Medica

SCHIZANDRA BERRIES WERE WIDELY USED BY THE ANCIENT CHINESE ROYALTY AS A BEAUTIFIER, YOUTH PRESERVER, AND REPRODUCTIVE TONIC. It is still very popular in the Asian culture today often used to help improve mental function, to strengthen sex organs, and as a skin beautifier.  Siberian hunters consume the berries to help their bodies function in […]

How To Balance Your Health

With the back to school season fast approaching, we often find ourselves running around a little bit more, preparing for classes, stocking up on supplies, getting schedules organized, and signing up for programs. Between all of the chaos it’s easy to run yourself a little bit more ragged, but do this for too long and […]


Legend has it that the Pied Piper used valerian to lure rats out of the city of Hamelin. It can be used as rat bait today but it is more commonly used as a sedative. During WWI it was given to soldiers to help treat shell shock and given to civilians to help relieve stress. […]