Baby & Kid safe EO Guide

Wondering which essential oils are safe to use around your babies and children?

There is a lot of info out there about essential oils, and not all of it is safe, but a big part of our goal is to keep you informed about the safety of all things natural, which is why we’ve created these awesome print out’s you can use to reference on Essential Oil Safety for Babies and Kids.

You can’t use the same essential oils you use for adults, so it’s crucial to have a good reference before you put something in your diffuser or in the bathtub.

Also remember that dilution is everything and that you must ALWAYS dilute essential oils before topical application, especially for babies and kids.

The suggested dilution for babies and kids is no more than 1% of a total formula, which means no more than 4 drops in a 1/2 ounce of carrier oil…which isn’t very much.

Robert Tisserand has a great easy to use chart for dilution that you can print here.

In fact, many aromatherapists will suggest you use hydrosols instead of essential oils for your babies and children as they are a far less potent but still wonderfully effective form of aromatherapy.

Below is the easy to use guide for Babies and Kids (with a link at the bottom to download a PDF printable version for yourself)

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Safe EO's for Babies & Kids


Safe EO's for Babies & Kids


PDF Printable of EO’s for Babies & Kids