A WELL KNOWN AND COMMON REMEDY, THIS HERB IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED BECAUSE OF IT’S SIMPLICITY, BUT IT DESERVES A SECOND LOOK. Used medicinally for thousands of years since the times of ancient Greece, chamomile is still a popular treatment for many ailments. A favorite for upset stomachs and trouble sleeping, this herb is gentle enough […]


AN INTRIGUING AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWER, THIS PLANT’S NAME IS A MISNOMER…BUT IT’S STILL ONE OF OUR FAVORITES. The name Passionflower refers to the passion of Christ, and not to any ability of the plant to incite passion.  Passionflower has been used in the traditional medicine of Europe and South America to treat anxiety, insomnia, and […]


THIS TASTY ROOT HAS LONG BEEN USED BY ITS TRADITIONAL PEOPLE’S AS A SUPERFOOD, AND ITS POPULARITY IS GAINING IN THE US. Maca is a vegetable that has been cultivated as a root crop for at least 2,000 years, originally by the Inca.  Incan warriors supposedly consumed maca before battle as a strengthening tonic.  Maca […]