Catnip Materia Medica

THIS PLANT MAY SEND CAT’S INTO A FRENZY, BUT IT’S CALMING FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS ALIKE Catnip, a perennial herb belonging to the mint family, grows wild as a weed in every U.S. state except Florida and Hawaii. This weed, loved by the household cat for its stimulating effects, actually is traditionally believed to […]

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s purse if one of the most common and widely spread flowering plants in the world. Shepherd’s purse gets its unique name from the shape of the seed pod that resembles the silhouette of the purse shepherds used to carry. Shepherd’s purse is a folk remedy for treating diarrhea, bleeding, and to stimulate uterine contractions. […]

Elderberry Materia Medica

HIGH IN VITAMIN C, QUERCETIN, AND BIOFLAVANOIDS, THESE LITTLE BERRIES PACK A BIG PUNCH. Not only are they exceptionally tasty, but they are also highly useful for keeping sickness and allergies at bay. Their nutrient content makes them useful in boosting the immune system during the change of seasons; which, when taken on a daily […]

Oat Straw

  You have probably seen him. That little Honey Nut Cheerios Bee named Buzz. He zips around on television and tells everyone about just how good oat-rich Cheerios are for lowering cholesterol, balancing diabetes and aiding in digestion. Buzz is right, but he is just hitting the surface of how strengthening this heart-healthy plant can be. […]