Holy Basil

Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum, is much like the sweet basil, Ocimum basilicum, you would find growing in your garden or plopped on your Caprese salad. Holy basil, however, is sacred. Dating back hundreds of years, holy basil was originally known in India as tulsi, meaning “incomparable one”. This form of basil was commonly used in religious ceremonies and burials. […]

Ginger Materia Medica

Maybe you have tried this spicy, snappy root when you are out for a bite of sushi. Or perhaps you have caught on to the candied ginger craze- consuming it in taffy or crystallized form. Regardless of your preconceived notions about this fiery herb, listen to the health benefits that it is loaded with! Ginger […]


Native to southern Asia, turmeric is a perennial with long bladelike leaves. The root of this plant is where the common turmeric ingredient is sourced. The rich orange flesh of the root is wrapped in a tough brown skin, concealing the sweet and warming essence. Also known as Indian yellow ginger, turmeric is well known […]


Known as the longevity herb of Chinese medicine, the reishi mushroom has been utilized for its healthful properties for over 4,000 years. In the Taoist tradition, this herb has been consumed for its ability to enhance spiritual receptivity while calming the mind and spirit. But the reishi mushrooms’ influence far surpasses just the spiritual realm. […]