The herbal name Hyssop is derived from the Greek word Hyssopos, and the Hebrew word Azob, meaning ‘holy herb’. It is no wonder that the use of this herb is depicted in the Bible and numerous other spiritual scripts. In the Bible, lepers are cleansed and treated with this divine herb. It is also described in preparing […]

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is indigenous to eastern Asia, Australia and the South Pacific. Shenning Herbal, an herbal medicine guide written in China over 2,000 years ago, boasts of this herb’s powerful medicinal properties. The rich healing qualities of gotu kola continue to hold true with time, research and regular consumption. In Asia, gotu kola is most renowned as […]

Lavender Materia Medica

LAVENDER! Commonly known for its gentle and lovely aromatic properties, lavender is frequently used in aromatherapy, bubble bath, soap, tea and perfume. The fragrance of lavender alone has been known to reduce nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. Now that’s an effective smell! While its fragrance is quite impressive, lavender is loaded with other powerful properties as […]


SO SWEET IS MEADOWSWEET In Herbal, John Gerard wrote “The smell [of meadowsweet] thereof makes the heart merry and joyful and delighteth the senses”. The enjoyable aromatic properties described are just icing on the cake for this power-house herb. Druids, members of a special priesthood in Europe dating back to 200 BCE, found meadowsweet to be one […]