STAY HEALTHY AND COOL ALL SUMMER LONG WITH HIBISCUS The beautiful white, yellow, red, pink and purple hibiscus flowers growing in your back-porch pots are more than meets the eye. This herb is not only lovely; it is loaded with powerful and healthful nutritional properties. Hibiscus is native to Africa but has since been cultivated […]

St. John’s Wort

Unlike the malt-infused liquid that is extracted during the brewing process of beer or whiskey, the term ‘wort’ in the herbal identity of Saint John’s wort is derived from an Old English word meaning ‘plant’. The etymology associated with this herb is actually quite gory. Saint John’s wort refers to the bright red dye released […]


EVER WONDERED WHY BEER MAKES YOU FEEL TIRED? It could be the hops. This traditional beer ingredient has a long history of use as an herbal sedative. A CRUCIAL INGREDIENT IN BEER SINCE THE 11TH CENTURY, HOPS WERE ORIGINALLY ADDED TO HELP PRESERVE THE BEER AS WELL AS ADD MORE FLAVOR. IPA’s, India Pale Ales, […]


GIVE YOUR HEART SOME LOVE, WITH HAWTHORN With clinical studies backing up its effectiveness at helping out the heart, paired with its delicious taste and it’s affinity for the spiritual heart as well, Hawthorn has quite a bit going for it. Hawthorn is a small flowering shrub in the Rose family, and like most rose […]


WHEN HIKING IN THE WOODS, KNOW WHAT THIS PLANT LOOKS LIKE, IT MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE. Yarrow is one of those plants that everyone should know, both what it does and what it looks like. It is truly invaluable when it comes to first-aid situations. Yarrow is a subtle plant; it grows short, has […]