Sheila Gracey, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Sheila Gracey,
Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist

Sheila is a graduate of the Clinical and Nutritional programs at Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

She has always been drawn to the magic of nature and knows the healing power it can provide. Her passion is to help others discover that power.

Since she was very young she could be found reading in an apple tree, in lilac bush caves, day-dreaming in the clover, or sitting in a meadow in her beloved Rocky Mountains.

Life took her down many paths from Colorado to New Mexico, California, and Cozumel Mexico. She has been an office worker, a Sports Medicine Technician, an underwater photographer as well as a ski and scuba instructor. Life has always seemed to call her back to nature and movement.

It was when she was connected to the Earth through photography and movement that her vitality was strongest. It has become clear to Sheila, that movement, air, good nutrition, creativity, and joy are necessary for a vital life that will sustain oneself for a long, fruitful life.

Sheila’s focus is to help guide others to discover that same truth. Being an Elder who has been through the transformation of Menopause, she is a qualified guide for those going through this change.

Everyone needs Balance to become the best, most vital YOU possible and Sheila is available to help guide you there

In her spare time, she can be found in a pine forest, playing music, practicing yoga, kayaking, skiing, camping, and working on her tiny house.

To schedule with Sheila please send her an email: SheilaGracey@GoldenPoppyHerbs.com