Malia Michael

Ayurvedic Herbalist & Nutritionist


Hi, I’m Malia- Āyurvedic Practitioner, yoga instructor, and Women’s Health advocate. I integrate Āyurveda, yoga, and hormonal health, to empower you with a greater sense of body awareness and a deeper connection to your truest, most embodied (and radiant) self

My purpose through Wild Womb Āyurveda is to eliminate all the taboos when it comes to women’s health, from menarche to menopause, and beyond. To educate women so they are no longer confused or defeated by their autonomy, but instead, excited to reunite with the part of themselves that has been resented or ignored. I have dedicated my life to serving and empowering women by helping unveil the wisdom that has always been there and is ready to be reclaimed.


Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medicine from India and is rooted in the understanding of creation. In Sanskrit the name Ayurveda is derived from two words in Sanskrit, “ayuh” meaning “life/longevity” and “veda” meaning “science/sacred knowledge.”

Ayurveda’s definition in essence translates to The Sacred Knowledge of Life & Longevity. Ayurveda is a wisdom that teaches us that we are not apart from anything but a part of everything. We are the microcosm inside the macrocosm and all the elements outside of us (air, ether, water, fire, earth) are also integrated and a part of our biological and physiological being.

We use Ayurveda to understand our connection to the earth as a way to embody a life that is harmonious with our most natural state of being. It is through our natural state of being that we can truly embody a life free of illness and dis-ease. True health resides in the divine union of mind/body and the connection we have with the earth and the environment in which we live. Ayurveda determines someone’s state of being by categorizing the 5 elements~ panchamahabutas (air, ether, water, fire, earth) into what are called Doshas or individual constitutions. There are three Doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha which make up your specific mind and body. At its root, Ayurveda is a holistic tradition and way of living that can help each of us to claim and celebrate our capacity for wellness.

Ayurveda can help us,

Understand our body in a deeper way
Sync up with our truest inner nature
Honor and develop our strengths
Help heal many ailments/ imbalances in the body
Restore a sense of peace in the mind

Malia’s initial appointments are $120 for 1.5 hrs.

To schedule with Malia please email her: maliamichael@goldenpoppyherbs.com