Herb of the Month Club

Herb of the Month Club

Herb Club

Welcome to Herb Club!

Our goal with this monthly offering is to build community around the study of herbs in an easy and accessible way.

How it works:

  • At the end of each month we will pick one herb to study in depth the next month
  • Anyone interested in joining the club for the month can sign up at any point in time during the month (as long as there is still a spot available)
  • Once you sign up you’ll be able to pick up your study materials: a bag of the loose herb for tea and other topical preparations, a bottle of the tincture, and if available a bottle of the essential oil or flower essence of the plant
  • You will be provided with an outline of information to gather regarding the plant so you have a place to start
  • Then it’ll be up to you to research and most importantly, experiment! Taste the plant, put it on topically, take a bath with it, read about it, and write down your experiences and impressions
  • At the end of the month, when we host our Club Meeting, you can come together with all the other participants to talk about what you learned about the plant
  • Each meeting will be facilitated by one of our staff members who will be there to guide the discussion, answer questions, and give additional information about the plant

By the end of each month and meeting, you will be much more familiar and comfortable with the plant of the month, you will know when to use it and why, giving you the confidence to start working with it on a regular basis.

Go Here to sign up for February’s Club